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Research and Professional Experience

  • Technology Lead and Project Set Lead for a research at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to enable a flexible distribution system architecture where DER can be included in a variety of system architectures including the enfolding of third party resources and customer-owned and renewable energy resources.

  • Gale was the Project Manager in a Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative. This was a 7-year collaborative research effort with 24 utilities focused on addressing prevalent challenges associated with integrating Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and fully applying them in industry practice at various smart grid host site locations. The final report from this project is available at:

  • Mr. Horst authored the whitepaper "Concepts to Enable Advancement of Distributed Energy Resources" which has been utilized as a concept guide in current utility technology initiatives.  This paper discribes a shift focus toward enabling technology and communication to focus on motivation in lieu of commands and information to enable independent development of smart grid products.

  • At the Whirlpool Corporation Research & Engineering Center, Gale Horst was the Energy Focus Leader of the Advanced Concepts and Technology group. In this role he studied various energy management concepts in the utility industry, participated in U.S. DOE discussion groups, and delivered a number of working energy concept prototypes including a total home energy management system, a curtailable appliance prototype, and the Whirlpool residential energy monitoring system.

  • In the DOE's "Pacific Northwest GridWise Testbed Initiative":  Mr. Horst developed the Whirlpool Dryer able to interface with load management strategies as a grid reliability resource.  

  • Leveraging from consumer research involving customer focus groups, Mr. Horst conceived the home energy monitor and led the specification, development, and deployment into a local pilot program (Whirlpool Woodridge Project).  The system allows consumers to view their energy by circuit on a 10" color touch-screen.  Energy usage is logged and energy history can be displayed, and graphed by the consumer for each circuit in the home.  

  • Under the leadership of Mr. Horst, Whirlpool Corporation designed and deployed a local energy pilot utilizing Washers, Dryers, and Dishwashers.  The consumer had the option of starting the appliance now, or, pressing the delay button to have the appliance automatically start at a time when TOU rates are lower. This interface was quite easy for the consumer to understand. Learning from deployment in several pilot homes in Michigan indicated consumer acceptance and utilization of the energy features..

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