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Links energy research done by Gale R. Horst:

EPRI Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative Final Update:
EPRI Palo Alto, CA: 2014.3002004652

Overview of AMI Utilization metering international issue 2 | 2012 (page 26)

Consumer Engagement: Facts, Myths, and Motivations : EPRI, Palo Alto, CA : 2010. 1024566

Author of EPRI report : Concepts to Enable Advancement of Distributed Energy Resources

Grid-Interoperability Conference paper (Eustis, Hammerstrom, Horst)

Energy Central op ed

Whirlpool Woodridge Report

White Goods in Energy Management

Pacific Northwest GridWise™
Testbed Demonstration Projects   Part I: Olympic Peninsula Project

Pacific Northwest GridWise™
Testbed Demonstration Projects   Part II: Grid Friendly™ Appliance Project

Book: SMART GRIDS Infrastructure, Technology, and Solutions
Co-Authored with numerous Smart Grid authors
CRC Press ISBN 978-1-4398-2905-9

Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers : AHAM  (
Task force member for Connected Home Appliances - Object Modeling    AHAM ANSI Standard: CHA-1-2002

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